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Monday, November 22, 2010

Helios Assult on Elk Creek Pre Thanksgving

Tim aka Da Fish Dog,with a good Buck

The Dailey Double in The Net 11/19/10

First catch of the day for me,just a baby !

Having played in Rock & Contemporary Christian Bands much of my life,I have a pretty good idea about good gear & equipment. Having average gear,and being an average musician,will keep you pretty much average,but get yourself some top of the line gear,and your averages goes up a few notches. I learned this lesson about life & music,playing in traveling bands in the 70's & 80's,in Bars,Frat Parties,Churches,Weddings & too many many other dives to numerous to mention. Well where fishin now,as my 63 Fender Precision Bass,gather a little dust ! I recently made a major upgrade (for me) with a recent purchase of one of Orvis Helios rods,and let me tell you one thing,it is one Sweet Stick !

One of my victims,in the net

29 " of Erie Steel,on 11/21/10

The Youngs (father & son) with a nice pair,a trophy
Steelhead & Trophy Brown,caught Friday,while fishing
with my friends Greg & Tim,on Friday 11/19
" The Daily Double"

Tim likes to knot & de-knot

My 7wt,10' Helios,teamed up with a recently purchased Mirage reel,worked very well for me,as I had a good # of Hook-ups,that gave my new rig a good workout. I had heard it would be like learning to fish all over again,when fishing the The Helios,I found that untrue,but the way it cast & the ability I could pick up the most supple of takes,was awesome !

One more time,fooled with an Iced Pheasant Tail
The steel was eatin nymphs,in a BIG way on Sunday

This Manistee,fell victim to a SA Stone/Black

So if your looking to upgrade on your Steelheadin gear,give The Orvis Helios
a try...........I think you'll like it. more to come later ! Post-Thanksgiving Post