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Monday, August 8, 2011

ALASKA > Bound...Buggers & Beads !

4 Silvers caught & relessed,in a 1o minute span
our Netboy was busy !

Buggers & Beads,IMHO,ya can't leave home with-out them,if traveling
to Bristol Bay Alaska. Though may flies will work,buggers & beads
have been the workhorse of my boxs,the last 2 years. Looking forward
to my the near future ! Just wanted to share a few of
the Great moments we've had the last few years in Bristol Bay

The Clifton,Black/Purple # 8,a good Coho Fly

Moltted Beads,a must for Bristol Bay

Flesh Flies,Eggs,Maggots & Wolly Buggers

A bead box,differet colors to match the hatch

Wolly Buggers,ya just gotta have them,in your box

Black,Olive & Pruple have been the most protuctive

the last 2 years

Coho Blue worked well for me on Silvers,on bright sunny days

Try some Dolly Llamas for Big Rainbow's

Olive/White & Olive/Black for Bows

Purple/Pink for Silvers

Black & Olive Articulating Leeches,are a good

choice while on the Naknek

Sculpins of many variations,of them work very

well for Rainbows,big or small water

The Circus has Dancin Bears,Alaska has Fishing Bears,

& they will be fishing with you also.

KS Creek Silver action with Miles,on net

Fresh Silver or Coho,from the Naknek

Greg with a Red Coho

Getting Red Coho Buck

The Eck with some Fresh Silver from The Naknek

NRC Camp is right over my left shoulder

Jay with a Naknek Bow

Alaskan Rainbow ala Bead

Greg with a Brooks Bow

Baby Eck with a Naknek Bow

Artic Char,can be found behind pods of Sockeye,

beads are very effictive for matching the Egg Hatch

Artic Char head shot

Last day Silver,That a boy Dave !

One will seee this many times a day in Bristol Bay's

smaller tribs,look for the Grey Shadows behind the

Sockeye,there you will find the Char & Rainbows,

sucking down eggs.

More reds on the Redd

Dave with a nice Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye or Red from Upper Brooks

until our Return............

Jb JAG Fly Co

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  1. Now why'd you have to go and do that. Still got 11 days worth of patient's to see before we leave and I'll just be setting in my office looking at this post...getting further behind ;)