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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spring Gobblers 2009, 1 of 5

Day 4 2009,Spring Gobbler Huntin,A Turkey Party,1 of 5 was fooled by me ! by far one of my mostmemorable turkey hunts,I heard him in the tree well before fly down,got in positon on the bench above him,to my suprise at fly down,I had gobblers above me & on the bench below me,it took almost an hour to get him into range,as I found out when 5 Longbeards,carrin' 3 hens,finally came into view,as they aproched my set-up,
I mad my final adjustment,as 16 turkey eyes tried to find the elusive hen,that was
me,like a sniper,it was 1 shot 1 kill........what I dance we had ! This was the 2nd
day in this early 09 season,that 5 longbeards where in my zone,and the day was mine !

Day 4 > 1 of 5,most likley,took his final drink,from the babiling Brook in the background,the eveing before

Day 4 > Ready for the ride home,7:00 AM

Day 4 > The paint Brush

Day 4 > the Spurs

Guitar with a day two Tom,I roosted this bird the night before,he came in with 4 other longbeards,I could'nt get a shot,but my back-up was ready,not easy to let 5 Longbeards,walk rithg by ya,within shooting range,on the 2nd day of Gobbler season !

Gum Boot Hill > The Monument

Bad Moon Rising >It's Gobblein' time in the turkey woods

JoelBock "The Beard Collector"