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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post Thanks-Giving 2010

Jason with a nice Buck,on Pa Deer opener

Sweet Cheeks ! Fooled by an Early-Girl Skein Fly

Post Thanksgiving fishing,I thought the fishing would be better,with the recent
Thanksgiving rains,& a small dose of snow,to the Erie tribs,but Saturday AM found us in good colored water,but with a slightly heavy flow....and BURRR,was it cold ! The fishing improved as the week-end went by,with Sunday & Monday's conditions improving,daily. Productive flies where Skeinflies,Wiggle-Stones,PT, Real Polish Nymphs & Minnow patterns.

Jason hauling another one in

Meet 3 good-fellows from Chicago,good bunch of guys,who share the passion,as many of us for Steel,they fish PA or Michigan weekley,we swaped flies & stories
and they indroduced me to alot of the Real Poland,histroy,flies,food & Tyskie,a very good polish beer..........Nostrovia !