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Friday, September 2, 2011

KENAI River "The Caynon Float" 2011 Alaska

We got stranded in Alaska a few days due to Irene. Not to bad,and we got to fish
the Kenai River,with Guide Dennis Randa & his Salmon Retreiver Chip,a good day was had by all,from Jim's Landing to Skilak Lake
We did the Canyon Float,pictures posted below.

Mark with # 1 big Bow from the Canyon

Upper Kenai Rivers's 1st Gate

Upper Kenai Dolly

A pair of nice Dollys from the Kenai

Dennis Randa,our guide,35 years on The Kenai

More Dollies

Chip with a Red Salmon

Who needs a net when you have a retreiver ?

Chip,the Sockeye Retreiver

Don't Drink & Row

Skilak Lake

Front veiw of Dennis's Boat

Momma Bear & Cub,fishing across the river

When the above bears decide to cross the river,the

current was to storng for baby bear

Nice Rainbow # 2 for Mark

Rainbow # 3,on the day

The Kenai gave up quite a few good Dollies this day

ALASKA 2011 Bristol Bay

John & Coach Mike,on The Ugashik Narrows

Another great week was had for me & some Old freinds & More new ones as we made our annual journey to Bristol bays Naknek River Camp,in late August.

The fishing was outstanding & the comradarie was 2nd to none !

Thanks to Phyills,Jim & their staff for anoher great Alaskan Adventure !

the guides are keen & dailed in on the fish,& the food & acommations are tops !

Plane ride to Ugashik,I waited 2 years for this ride ! And it was well worth it,as

many a fish where fooled ! I plan to hit the Ugashik again........soon

Myself ,Barry & & Alex with a good Char @ Ugashik

Silver @ King Salmon Creek,last day of our trip,to Bristol Bay & NRC,Miles had us the fish !

Artic Char caught by Coach Maik,on our ugashik journey.

Big Sexy with a good bow,from the Naknek River

The Rainbow fishing was excellent,again this year & the Egg Drop was just getting

into full swing,when we left. I had 3 great days on The Naknek,with guides,Jon,Steve & Kyle,as I honed my skilles & learned new ones,on these magnificent Toad Bows,of the Naknek River.

Marks 30" + Rainbow from The Naknek River 30" was a 3o minute fight for Mark,Toad Rainbow # 3,for us that day.

I got in on the Big Bows this day with Kyle,Toad 1 of three,for the day.

Daves Big bow from the Naknek,Toad # 2 of our day with Kyle

Another decent bow,from our 3 Toad day !

My first good Bow of the trip,with Jon K

Bernie with his first Grayling,with Jon K,on the Naknek

Mark Found silver on the KS Creek

The Infamous Boga Stealing Silver,my last fish of my Bristol Bay journey

Silver Buck from KS Creek,thankin Mr Squidly & Miles !

Naknek River Silver Salmon

Fly Me Out Alex,our guide @ Ugashik,got in on the action,when Mark to a break

Luck was with me but the Grande Char evaded me,this day.........# of fish was outstanding,but the Grade evade me.........until next year ?

Mark's Grande Char,for the day,on Ugashik

Coach Mikes,Trophy Char 30" +

My first ever Chum Salmon,from the Ugashik River

Our ride to Ugashik,it took me 2 years to make this trip & it was worth it !

Patrick with some KS Creek Silver,on the swing,last day

Ugashik veiw from the river

Naknek River Camp Sunset

Greg with a Nice Char

Naknek River Silver

Taking a break from Silver fishing (L to R)

Jon,Coach Mike & Barry

Miles taking a shot of Katies,nice Rainbow

Fishermans Cabin,on The Naknek

Naknek River Regulations,Sign,below Naknek Lake

Hopefully the Steelhead will be with us.........soon !

Jb JAG Fly Co / SAO