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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alaska 2010 Part 1

Swimming Bears in Margot

Margot Dolly

Alaska,on the Naknek River,livin the dream ! I got in to camp early,but not in time to get on the water on Thursday 8/19,due to flight delays due to fog in King Salmon......I just took in the clean fresh air & rigged my gear for a Friday morning assult on The Naknek. Friday morning found me swing flies to my good old freinds on Silver Bend,as guide Alvin,but me on the fish.Alex was new

to The Naknek this year,but he new wear & how to get me on the fish !

Female Pink on the Naknek,my first of the trip !

I was supprised to see the Naknek,quite a bit higher than last year,so I knew fishing would be a little different than last years trip,Tip # 1,listen to your guide.
Being a bit stubren,I began my fishing with what I thought would work,2 drifts
& nothing......nada nada thing,I then took the advice of Alex,and put on some Pink & wolla fish on ! ! ! A nice female pink,was to the net.
I then began throwing my MOAL Leeches,Black/Blue & Black/Pink,the Pinks seemed to like,any thing Pink,the Silvers where liking the Black/Blue.

Silver Bend Coho,on the Swing aka MOAL Leach
My first Silver of the trip........... Thanks Alex !

Silver Galore !

Male Pink Salmon on the swing

On Saturday I helped Jim,shuttle some of the guest,from the airport to camp.
The early arrivals where anxious to get on the water,so I begain to shuttle them
up to the boat ramp to begin there fishing after lunch. First time Fly-Fisher Irving Fryar was the first to strike Pink,after about 20 minuets of mending lessons..........he was quick on the feild & quicker to "Get The Drift"

Byron & Irving @ Lake Camp Launch arrival day 2010

Irving Fryar,with his first fly caught salmon

Sunday again found me on the Naknek,fishing with Guide Carl,Bill,Jack & my new cocktail buddy John (story to follow) LOL ! The high water made things a bit difficult at first,but Carl soon had us dailed in. We landed some Pinks,Char,Grayling & a good # of Jack Kings 16'' to 20",we landed a buch of fish,but the Silvers where being difficult. By the end of the day we did mange a few as we fished our way back up river to Silver Bend,we found Silver !

Bill Shabb,hooked up @ King Island

Carl one of the NRC,guides ready with the net

King Island on The Naknek

Coho Bend Silver on the swing > Purple Wolly Buggers

Monday Found me on Brooks River,such a wonderful place. After our manditory Bear School,we begain our hike up river to the falls,where we where
soon greated by one of the Brooks River locals,mr Brown Bear. James & Miles had us on the fish quickly,asa we began to try to fool those wary Brooks Rainbows,of the lower River. I fished with Chris,Kurt,John & my old buddies,
Jim & Jack. Most of us where into plenty of Sockeye action,from the start,as many of them where brought to the net. I begain to target the Bows,and was having a bit of a time fooling them,missing them at first & then having them refuse my offerings. I looked out the corner of my eye saw Rocking Chair Jack,slipping away from the group,and I knew what he was up to..........he was on the hunt for rainbows,and I followed.We fished the braids and took turns throwing to a good # of bows I found in one of the braids,and they where on the feed bag ! Let-go of my Eggo

Brown Bear on Brooks River

Sockeye @ Brooks River

Brooks Sockeye

Rainbow Warrior, Jack hunting Rainbows @ Brooks

Jack McCallister with a good Brooks River Bow

After our lunch break,John & I decide to have a few cocktails @ Brooks Lodge as our fishing time was on the short side,after a few cocktails with my new foud freind,John,we where on our way back to camp.

Sunrise @ Naknek River Camp 8/24

My rack @ camp,The Griz Tent

Tuesday found me on Margot Creek,fishing for very hungrey Dolly Varden,i fished with guide Bob,Jack & my new found freind John,no cocktails today,as we where on a Char Hunt,and catch them we did. We had to share our water with a good # of Bears,but the Griz was on the hunt for Sockey,had they where having good luck also.

Mr Brown Bear hunting lunch

Jack Surash with Margot Char with Bob

Bald Eagle on Margot

Margot Char ,ala Bead

Another Margot Char