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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post Thanks-Giving 2010

Jason with a nice Buck,on Pa Deer opener

Sweet Cheeks ! Fooled by an Early-Girl Skein Fly

Post Thanksgiving fishing,I thought the fishing would be better,with the recent
Thanksgiving rains,& a small dose of snow,to the Erie tribs,but Saturday AM found us in good colored water,but with a slightly heavy flow....and BURRR,was it cold ! The fishing improved as the week-end went by,with Sunday & Monday's conditions improving,daily. Productive flies where Skeinflies,Wiggle-Stones,PT, Real Polish Nymphs & Minnow patterns.

Jason hauling another one in

Meet 3 good-fellows from Chicago,good bunch of guys,who share the passion,as many of us for Steel,they fish PA or Michigan weekley,we swaped flies & stories
and they indroduced me to alot of the Real Poland,histroy,flies,food & Tyskie,a very good polish beer..........Nostrovia !

Monday, November 22, 2010

Helios Assult on Elk Creek Pre Thanksgving

Tim aka Da Fish Dog,with a good Buck

The Dailey Double in The Net 11/19/10

First catch of the day for me,just a baby !

Having played in Rock & Contemporary Christian Bands much of my life,I have a pretty good idea about good gear & equipment. Having average gear,and being an average musician,will keep you pretty much average,but get yourself some top of the line gear,and your averages goes up a few notches. I learned this lesson about life & music,playing in traveling bands in the 70's & 80's,in Bars,Frat Parties,Churches,Weddings & too many many other dives to numerous to mention. Well where fishin now,as my 63 Fender Precision Bass,gather a little dust ! I recently made a major upgrade (for me) with a recent purchase of one of Orvis Helios rods,and let me tell you one thing,it is one Sweet Stick !

One of my victims,in the net

29 " of Erie Steel,on 11/21/10

The Youngs (father & son) with a nice pair,a trophy
Steelhead & Trophy Brown,caught Friday,while fishing
with my friends Greg & Tim,on Friday 11/19
" The Daily Double"

Tim likes to knot & de-knot

My 7wt,10' Helios,teamed up with a recently purchased Mirage reel,worked very well for me,as I had a good # of Hook-ups,that gave my new rig a good workout. I had heard it would be like learning to fish all over again,when fishing the The Helios,I found that untrue,but the way it cast & the ability I could pick up the most supple of takes,was awesome !

One more time,fooled with an Iced Pheasant Tail
The steel was eatin nymphs,in a BIG way on Sunday

This Manistee,fell victim to a SA Stone/Black

So if your looking to upgrade on your Steelheadin gear,give The Orvis Helios
a try...........I think you'll like it. more to come later ! Post-Thanksgiving Post

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mirage on Erie October 2010

Steelhead Warriors : The Mirage (L) Batenkill (R)

A decent Buck,the first on my Mirage,a good start !

A Winter Stone fooled this one

Tim with a nice Elk Crick Steelie

L to R Big Moe,Lil' BigMoe(Hooked Up)& Tim-Moe

Victim # 1 of the Mirage IV,fell victim to a #14 Olive PT

Mirage IV,river tesing 10/23/10,by 10:oo am,she was

slighty used,and working fine ! ! ! ! !

Buck # 2,was fooled by an Early-Girl Skein fly

Tim workin one up stream from me

Hen # 1,taken on Jay's Skein Fly,Color Early Girl


Fish # 1 on my Mirage,a decent Buck aka The Cherry Buck



Monday, September 20, 2010

EARLY Steelhead 2010

MupErie's beware Cole & Denver New Steelheaders on The Tribs

Denver & Cole @ Trout Run

" A Big Un'' ala Fish Dog

Tim with another Freshy

Silver Sides !

Jason with some Chrome

I got Luckey too

Monday, September 13, 2010

Alaska Salmon 2010 Part 23

Fresh Silver in The Naknek ! !

Moe Silvers @ Coho Bend

Sockeye on the spawn @ Brooks

Irving with a Male Pink,the first of many !

Another one bites the dust

Frosty Jack strikes Silver

Irving with some Margot RED aka Sockeye

Female Pink on the Naknek

Silver fishing on "The Bend"

Sockeye Graveyard

Alvin's,underwater RED

Chris & Kurt with a pair of Buck Pink's

Brooks Sockeye

Silvers @ the front door of Camp

Mark with some Naknek Silver

Sockeye release on the Naknek