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Friday, April 4, 2014

History of "The Slate Lid Box" a Gibson Box & Other Gobbler Killing Calls

TOP : Sams Original,early 80's. Sam was a Black moshannon home-boy MIDDLE : Guitars re-worked,improve version,of Sams Call,Guitar is a wood-craftsman & talented musician,I think this gave him the edge in tuning calls. BOTTOM : KB knock-off call,a very good looking call,with Lazer Engraved Lid
Sams Original Slate Lid box,early 80's I have been told that Sam Croyle,became friends with Mike Lynch,while serving together in the US Army,during WW II. Mike Lynch(of Lynch Turkey Call Fame)after the war,came to hunt fall birds with Sam,in his beloved Black Moshannon area. Sam made these calls,an gave them to family members,I felt privilaged to have been given one,in the early 80's.
Guitars re-worked,improved version,1991 Guitar is a very talented wood-craftsman & musician,he had made a GEM ! A few friends,of Guitar and myself,wanted to mass produce this call,the results where a good looking Gibson Box,that IMHO,lacked the Guitar sound, as Guitar,had opted out,as I later did. I traveled to Columbus,Ohio,for the NWTF Convention,for the unveiling of this call,my first 3 sales where to Turkey Biologist,from Virginia,California and Texas,I was impressed. however,I soon discovered a lack of consistancey in the sound,which led to my departure from this venture also.
KB Knock-Off Call,a very handsome call,I think they still may be in production ? OTHER EFFECTIVE CALLS TO JELLY HEADS !
Cody World Class Glass or Slate
Perfection Turkey Calls"Screamin Deamon 2"
Perfection Mouth Yelpers Batman & Double Gold
Perfection Crow Call Both Perfection Make Quality Products with GREAT Customer Service !