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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brookies & Youngsters

Small Sream Brookies on the Fly










A look downstream from Camp

Look At this one !

Gotta love them Brookies

Can you take it off the hook for me ?

Get the NET !

Instruction Time

Sweet Fish !

Happy Fishmen !

See Ya on The Water,joelB

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Orange Eggs & Spam 4/2-3/11 "The Dropsies"

Fooled by an orange Skein Fly,sunday Morning I'm sure most of you have read or heard of the Dr Seuss classic,Green Eggs & spam.......well this is my version,Orange Eggs & Spam,as Orange Eggs where the only fly I could get hooked up with most of the weekend,but fun as had by all. Charlie with aome PA Steel The fish won the war,but we had a few victorious battles,to our credit. I fished with a couple of Good Eggs,from Toledo,this weekend,who in short order are quickley becoming Steelhead addicts. Manastee with some broad shoulders The water in NW/PA & NE/OH,still seems to be a little cold & hopefully the over the next few weeks conditions will improve.The waters had a nice ting with a good flow,warming tempatures will should help the fishing improve. Ready to Swim
Nate's first tast of Steel

The Camera's Eye

Nate & Tim admiring the catch of the day

Nates 1st Steel,a photo of a photo

A good fight was had,a victory for me !

See ya on the water.............JoelB