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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Day in the Feild "Nusance Phesant Hunt"

Clem & Cole with Cole's First Cock Phesant

Haim,Cole & Clem

We had a Good Day,in the feild !

One Happy Dog !

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fly The Alley 2011

April Vokey,Selling her Rhea aka "Steelhead Ticklers" @ Fly The Alley,@ Geneva On The Lake Lodge 11/12/11

Greg Senyo from SAO had a FULL house,for his tying Seminar @ Fly The Alley Expo

Greg @ the Tying Bench on Saturday

April doing her tying seminar,early afternoon

Classy Gals ! after Aprils tying seminar,she spent another 45 Minutes +,giving one on one lessons to this youg lady !

Will Turek,from Midwest Spey @ The Casting Pond,Giving Casting Instructions

Jason @ the SAO Booth

April & Mike maninning the booths, Mike,aka "Big Sexy"did you smell the mens bathroom ? It smells awesome,today !

Brian's New Boot,signed by Ape,he did catch Steel on Sunday & he is considering a trip to fish with April......soon !

DAS Boot !

Brian & Tim,with some of his first taste of PA Steel

Tim with a nice Buck

Head Shot

more PA Steel,with my New stick !

Good bye.Till next time Haim aka Joel B

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Erie Steel Late October 2011

Fishing was GOOD,this weekend on Elk Crick,in NW PA !

Tina was all about "Happy" with her 1st BIG Steelhead,and I was,glad to share the momement ! She wanted to run down stream to her Boyfriend Mike,to show
him the picture & say i did it on my own ! I urged her to "Fish On",you can Brag it up all the way home.........this was the first of quite a few for her,on Sunday,she's in the runnin' for PA Fly-Gal.

Greg with a PIG of a Steelhead,from early this week.

Its all about the Smile !

Mike & Tina with another one

Your # 1

Until next time "Coach" Jb

Friday, September 2, 2011

KENAI River "The Caynon Float" 2011 Alaska

We got stranded in Alaska a few days due to Irene. Not to bad,and we got to fish
the Kenai River,with Guide Dennis Randa & his Salmon Retreiver Chip,a good day was had by all,from Jim's Landing to Skilak Lake
We did the Canyon Float,pictures posted below.

Mark with # 1 big Bow from the Canyon

Upper Kenai Rivers's 1st Gate

Upper Kenai Dolly

A pair of nice Dollys from the Kenai

Dennis Randa,our guide,35 years on The Kenai

More Dollies

Chip with a Red Salmon

Who needs a net when you have a retreiver ?

Chip,the Sockeye Retreiver

Don't Drink & Row

Skilak Lake

Front veiw of Dennis's Boat

Momma Bear & Cub,fishing across the river

When the above bears decide to cross the river,the

current was to storng for baby bear

Nice Rainbow # 2 for Mark

Rainbow # 3,on the day

The Kenai gave up quite a few good Dollies this day