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Monday, August 8, 2011

ALASKA > Bound...Buggers & Beads !

4 Silvers caught & relessed,in a 1o minute span
our Netboy was busy !

Buggers & Beads,IMHO,ya can't leave home with-out them,if traveling
to Bristol Bay Alaska. Though may flies will work,buggers & beads
have been the workhorse of my boxs,the last 2 years. Looking forward
to my the near future ! Just wanted to share a few of
the Great moments we've had the last few years in Bristol Bay

The Clifton,Black/Purple # 8,a good Coho Fly

Moltted Beads,a must for Bristol Bay

Flesh Flies,Eggs,Maggots & Wolly Buggers

A bead box,differet colors to match the hatch

Wolly Buggers,ya just gotta have them,in your box

Black,Olive & Pruple have been the most protuctive

the last 2 years

Coho Blue worked well for me on Silvers,on bright sunny days

Try some Dolly Llamas for Big Rainbow's

Olive/White & Olive/Black for Bows

Purple/Pink for Silvers

Black & Olive Articulating Leeches,are a good

choice while on the Naknek

Sculpins of many variations,of them work very

well for Rainbows,big or small water

The Circus has Dancin Bears,Alaska has Fishing Bears,

& they will be fishing with you also.

KS Creek Silver action with Miles,on net

Fresh Silver or Coho,from the Naknek

Greg with a Red Coho

Getting Red Coho Buck

The Eck with some Fresh Silver from The Naknek

NRC Camp is right over my left shoulder

Jay with a Naknek Bow

Alaskan Rainbow ala Bead

Greg with a Brooks Bow

Baby Eck with a Naknek Bow

Artic Char,can be found behind pods of Sockeye,

beads are very effictive for matching the Egg Hatch

Artic Char head shot

Last day Silver,That a boy Dave !

One will seee this many times a day in Bristol Bay's

smaller tribs,look for the Grey Shadows behind the

Sockeye,there you will find the Char & Rainbows,

sucking down eggs.

More reds on the Redd

Dave with a nice Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye or Red from Upper Brooks

until our Return............

Jb JAG Fly Co