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Monday, March 31, 2014

Steelhead are on the Bite / Turkeys are Gobbeling

The Steelhead of Steelhead Alley,are about to get REAL HOT ! Turkeys have been Gobbeling,looking forward to an exciting Spring ! Recently I found and scanned,some OLD photos I wanted to share
Semi-Fresh Steel,on 3/31/14,Elk Crick,it was a tuff bite,but a few fish where fooled
Josh T.celebrating,his 15th Birthday with Steelhead Alley Outfitters,Head Guide Tim Hess, Now thats how to celebrate a Birthday,Josh hammered The Steel,on 3/29/14
WARNING : DANGEROUS ICE on ELK CREEK,in ERIE COUNTY,PA use caution,when fishing these ice jammed areas,warmer tempatures. will send Ice-bergs,down-stream & walking on them can cause injury Looking Down Stream from Upper Legion Hole 3/31/14
Looking upstream @ Upper Legion Hole 3/31/14
2010 Springer from Black-Mo,my lasted Jelly Head,in the Spring,2011 close but NO Cigar,2012 and 2013,non-hunter
Late 80's Dayley Double,Opening Day,with Jason Holdren's First Spring Tom
Mid 80's,1st New York,Gobbler,in Cattaragus County,NY,I Skied & Jellied Turks,on the same hills,winter & spring
NWTF,National Staff,PA NWTF,& PA Game Commision,MOU,signing,late 80's in Harrisburg,PA,lots of Good Freinds,with Carl Brown,Rob Keck,Dr James Earl Kennamar,Gary West,NWTF National Staff,Pete Duncun,PA Game Commisioner,Executive,Tom Baldridge(now Western PA NRA,Rep,Howard Myers,Skip Schaich,Donald Heckman,Crist Newcomner & me (in Camo Sport Coat)

Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Fly Tying & Fishing Reports

3-21-14 Upper Elk Crick,PA MORE TO COME. . . . .
Both tied with Senyo's Predator Wrap,IMHO,the best thing scince the Guinea Feather !
The PUTIN AI (named for Vlaid The Impailer,for events in Crimea)
I'm BACK ! New Flies for 2014