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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Alaska Fly Fishing Adventures with Mark Conaway

Your Guide & Host,Mark Conaway,20 years +,Guiding on the Kenai Pensulia. CONTACT : Mark Conaway Phone : 907-362-1341 E-Mail : WEB :
10-lbs of FRESH Sockeye,from the Kenai River,6/6/10/14. I fished with Mark,in Early June,2014,and he had us on the Fish,on The Kenai River for Sockeye & The Kasiloff River for Hatchery Kings . . . .had GREAT Time !
(L to R) Burt and Yout Host, Msyrna & Mark Conaway,if you want GOOD Fishing,along with Great Fellowship,Great Meals & Great Scenery,Give Mark a Call.
Outside The Lodge "He Is My Rock" @ Pine wood Lodge,inside the lodge that has a Strong fish them,along with a touch of Africa,The Cabin & The Drive Way.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring Gobbler Season 2014,in Penns Woods

Well Pennlylvania's Sprig Turkey season ,is half over . . . .and now the Toms,will have another for,eveing hunters. I have yet to experience the evining hunts,having been on injured-reserve,the past 2 seasons,and I am looking forward to it. So far this season has gone pretty,wel,with a few of my friends,and myself,scoring in the early season.
83 years Youg,Clete,with his York County bird . . . . Well Done Clete !
"Stevie Long Spurs' son of Clete,got this bird,the begining,od yhe 2nd,week,in Central PA . . . I have been out dailey,as usuall,and have been seeing and hearing birds,on a dailey baisis,it seems the toms might be starting to roam a bit,as more hens are,continue laying,and not hangin',with the guys all day,seeing lots of sings,doubles,not the groups of,5 to 7,that i was seeing in the first week. Trhe recent rains,and colder temps,seem to have set the birds,back a bit,tut that will change shortly.
Eric with his first bird of the year,killed with his Home Made Box Call,in central PA,opening week. Eric nailed Turkey # 2,the 2nd week . . . .
Haim,scored this bird,the 2nd day,it was a classic hunt,Gobbling on the roost,watching the fly-down,Struting Toms,Yelping Hens,Turkey Porn,veiwing mateing birds . . . . and then the KILL,inever saw this all on 1 hunt,in over 30 years of hunting these majistic birds & it was AWESOME,although,it only took 20 minuets,from fly down to the harvest,most likely,my best spring hunt ever.
over the shoulder,to drag him out.
In closing,I wish you all luck,and Hunt Safley ! Hope to see you in the feild . . .wack em' & stack em'
There are still some Toms,out there . . . and they will Tell You,when they are ready to harvest !

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bridges & Gates in Pennsylvania's State Forest and Comunity Field Tom

The Old Tin Shantey Road,has been gated,since fall of 2013. NO Access,only the camp up by Mid State Airport,has access.
Another gate in Moshannon State Park,I have no problem with this kind of gate,roads where put in,due to logging,rseeded & re-planted. Just thinking out loud here,why would the State,close off access to public grounds,when we more & more peope,turn to the public hunting grounds,to to more postings of private lands & groups of people leasing up other privite grounds,that used to be open to public use ? I think that some of these Gated Roads on State Forest Lands,should be opened for the hunting seasons,both fall & spring,bo ahead & close them,in the Non Hunting seasons,just let the public utilize them,for hunting seasons . . .
Violet Ray Bridge,on middle Black Moshnnon Creek,close to I-80.
The NEW Huckelbery Bridge,below Black Moshannon State Park.
The New Clay Mine Road Bridge,over Six Mile Run. One must wonder,where all the MONEY,comes from,to build these Very Nice Bridges,in State Forest Lands,would not a simpler,more cost effecient bridge,be more suitable ? I am NOT complaining about the bridges,just wondering,out loud why such elaborate structures ar built,when many of the bridges,that EVERYONE,use,on there daily commutes,are in such Dire straights . . . . ?
On a brighter note . . .today I was fordunate enough,to have harvested a Spring Gobbler . . . .on public ground

Friday, April 4, 2014

History of "The Slate Lid Box" a Gibson Box & Other Gobbler Killing Calls

TOP : Sams Original,early 80's. Sam was a Black moshannon home-boy MIDDLE : Guitars re-worked,improve version,of Sams Call,Guitar is a wood-craftsman & talented musician,I think this gave him the edge in tuning calls. BOTTOM : KB knock-off call,a very good looking call,with Lazer Engraved Lid
Sams Original Slate Lid box,early 80's I have been told that Sam Croyle,became friends with Mike Lynch,while serving together in the US Army,during WW II. Mike Lynch(of Lynch Turkey Call Fame)after the war,came to hunt fall birds with Sam,in his beloved Black Moshannon area. Sam made these calls,an gave them to family members,I felt privilaged to have been given one,in the early 80's.
Guitars re-worked,improved version,1991 Guitar is a very talented wood-craftsman & musician,he had made a GEM ! A few friends,of Guitar and myself,wanted to mass produce this call,the results where a good looking Gibson Box,that IMHO,lacked the Guitar sound, as Guitar,had opted out,as I later did. I traveled to Columbus,Ohio,for the NWTF Convention,for the unveiling of this call,my first 3 sales where to Turkey Biologist,from Virginia,California and Texas,I was impressed. however,I soon discovered a lack of consistancey in the sound,which led to my departure from this venture also.
KB Knock-Off Call,a very handsome call,I think they still may be in production ? OTHER EFFECTIVE CALLS TO JELLY HEADS !
Cody World Class Glass or Slate
Perfection Turkey Calls"Screamin Deamon 2"
Perfection Mouth Yelpers Batman & Double Gold
Perfection Crow Call Both Perfection Make Quality Products with GREAT Customer Service !

Monday, March 31, 2014

Steelhead are on the Bite / Turkeys are Gobbeling

The Steelhead of Steelhead Alley,are about to get REAL HOT ! Turkeys have been Gobbeling,looking forward to an exciting Spring ! Recently I found and scanned,some OLD photos I wanted to share
Semi-Fresh Steel,on 3/31/14,Elk Crick,it was a tuff bite,but a few fish where fooled
Josh T.celebrating,his 15th Birthday with Steelhead Alley Outfitters,Head Guide Tim Hess, Now thats how to celebrate a Birthday,Josh hammered The Steel,on 3/29/14
WARNING : DANGEROUS ICE on ELK CREEK,in ERIE COUNTY,PA use caution,when fishing these ice jammed areas,warmer tempatures. will send Ice-bergs,down-stream & walking on them can cause injury Looking Down Stream from Upper Legion Hole 3/31/14
Looking upstream @ Upper Legion Hole 3/31/14
2010 Springer from Black-Mo,my lasted Jelly Head,in the Spring,2011 close but NO Cigar,2012 and 2013,non-hunter
Late 80's Dayley Double,Opening Day,with Jason Holdren's First Spring Tom
Mid 80's,1st New York,Gobbler,in Cattaragus County,NY,I Skied & Jellied Turks,on the same hills,winter & spring
NWTF,National Staff,PA NWTF,& PA Game Commision,MOU,signing,late 80's in Harrisburg,PA,lots of Good Freinds,with Carl Brown,Rob Keck,Dr James Earl Kennamar,Gary West,NWTF National Staff,Pete Duncun,PA Game Commisioner,Executive,Tom Baldridge(now Western PA NRA,Rep,Howard Myers,Skip Schaich,Donald Heckman,Crist Newcomner & me (in Camo Sport Coat)

Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Fly Tying & Fishing Reports

3-21-14 Upper Elk Crick,PA MORE TO COME. . . . .
Both tied with Senyo's Predator Wrap,IMHO,the best thing scince the Guinea Feather !
The PUTIN AI (named for Vlaid The Impailer,for events in Crimea)
I'm BACK ! New Flies for 2014