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Monday, October 25, 2010

Mirage on Erie October 2010

Steelhead Warriors : The Mirage (L) Batenkill (R)

A decent Buck,the first on my Mirage,a good start !

A Winter Stone fooled this one

Tim with a nice Elk Crick Steelie

L to R Big Moe,Lil' BigMoe(Hooked Up)& Tim-Moe

Victim # 1 of the Mirage IV,fell victim to a #14 Olive PT

Mirage IV,river tesing 10/23/10,by 10:oo am,she was

slighty used,and working fine ! ! ! ! !

Buck # 2,was fooled by an Early-Girl Skein fly

Tim workin one up stream from me

Hen # 1,taken on Jay's Skein Fly,Color Early Girl


Fish # 1 on my Mirage,a decent Buck aka The Cherry Buck