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Monday, September 20, 2010

EARLY Steelhead 2010

MupErie's beware Cole & Denver New Steelheaders on The Tribs

Denver & Cole @ Trout Run

" A Big Un'' ala Fish Dog

Tim with another Freshy

Silver Sides !

Jason with some Chrome

I got Luckey too

Monday, September 13, 2010

Alaska Salmon 2010 Part 23

Fresh Silver in The Naknek ! !

Moe Silvers @ Coho Bend

Sockeye on the spawn @ Brooks

Irving with a Male Pink,the first of many !

Another one bites the dust

Frosty Jack strikes Silver

Irving with some Margot RED aka Sockeye

Female Pink on the Naknek

Silver fishing on "The Bend"

Sockeye Graveyard

Alvin's,underwater RED

Chris & Kurt with a pair of Buck Pink's

Brooks Sockeye

Silvers @ the front door of Camp

Mark with some Naknek Silver

Sockeye release on the Naknek

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alaska's Bristol Bay Rianbows & Char 2010 Fishing the Egg Drop

Kurt with a Beautiful 32" Naknek Bow

You wanna catch Big Alaskan Rainbows,& more Char than you can keep track
of,well try a trip to Bristol Bay Alaska's naknek River Camp. 19 battle ready anglers,from PA,Virgina,New Jersey & Tennesse made the journey,for SAO's
annual journey to Naknek River Camp,in Bristol Bay,the 3rd week of August
2010. The Egg-drop,the annual Sockeye egg laying,was in full swing on the smaller trips we fished,upon are arrival & the Naknek River egg-drp,started in
a BIG way,towards the end of our stay. A good # of Big Alaskan Rainbows,24'' to 32",fell victim to our egg immitaions,the last 3 days in camp.

Egg Drop Naknek River Bow

Naknek River "Some-where Over the Rainbow,
Your not in Kansas any more !

Some of the Northern Virgina Gang @ Brooks Falls

Brooks River & Margot Creek,provided us with pleanty of Rainbow & Char action,as we fished behind the Red Spawning Sockeye,on the egg-drop . Just look for the Grey,behind the Red,to find the feeding Bows & Char,on the smaller tribs.This is sight fishing & the fish can be pickey at times.

Bald Eagle on Margot

Kurt with a good Char

James with a nice Brooks River Rainbow

Alex,Char & Papa Bear ?

Mark with Char

Frosty Jack & Brooks Bow

Jack & Bob on Margot.another Char

Byron with a Margot Char

Irving with a Margot Char

Senic Veiw : Margot Char & myself

SAO's Jason with one of The Naknek BIG Bows

One of my last fish of our trip,out the front door
of Naknek River Camp

Kurt & Big Bow 32" of Bristol Bay Rainbow

James with a nice Brooks Rainbow

Miles & James our guides @ Brooks

James with Jack & Dolly