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Friday, February 25, 2011

Erie Steelhead VS Alaskan Rainbows 2010

Tim with a good buck Erie Steel 11/2110

With prime Steelhead fishing,just around the corner,my thoughts,drift back to
this past fall & late summer,and a question's that have haunted me for the past few years now. Alaskan Rainbows verses Lake Erie Steelhead,which is the
superior fish ?

Erie Steel ala Jay,right out his front door 11/2110

With my first trip to Alaska,in August 2009,I left The Naknek River Camp with
an education,on the native & very wild "Bows of Bristol Bay ! Being a fairly avid
Erie Steelheader,making the 2 & 1/2 hour drive Mup-Erie,for over 10 years,
I headed to Alaska with Fresh Silver & Sockeye on my mind.

Post Thanksgiving Erie Steel 11/2010

Cole & Denver,early October,Erie Steel 10/2110

My first day on The Naknek River,in August of 2009,left me with a whole new
respect for Wild fish,as we caught & fought,a good number of Bows,right at the
boat dock,on small flesh flies,egg patterns & beads. These hearty Native Bows are hearty bread no doubt about it. The 14'' to 20" fish we caught by the dock
fought like Erie's 24'',Steelhead . I didn't pay much more attention to the rainbows,the rest of my trip in 2009,as I was completely enthralled with the
Coho's & Sockeye,but I had a much different attitude,in 2010,I was going to go
"Big Bow Hunting" & we hit "The Egg Drop",just right our last day in camp.
Tom had us on the fish & we boated 7 Rainbows from 24" to 29",lost maybe 10
more of that size & a few bigger mind was made up,no doubt.

Kurt with 32" of Naknek Rainbow 8/2010

Alaskan Bows,nothing like them,IMHO,last day on The Naknek
River,The Naknek River Camp,our host lodge is in the background,
you can fish right out the front door !

Jay with a good Naknek Bow 8/2110

Tim & a Trophy,late September Steelhead 2010

Don't take me wrong,I am a very very happy camper with our Erie Steelhead,and glad we have them now & far into the future,but The Wild Alaskan Bows,got a hold on me..........on another note,we also found out that
Fresh from the Salt Coho's/Silvers,are quite a bit feistier than their Great Lakes
cousins also.

More Erie Steel,early October 2010

Jay with some early season Steel,September 2010

29" of Alaskan Rainbow,on the Naknek,another one of
my last day on the Naknek River,fishing "The Egg Drop"

Jack with a Brooks River Bow 8/2010

Brooks River Rainbows are NO pushover,the will challenge anyone !