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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Steelheading,Crisp Mornings & Beauitful Colors

Fall Morning Fight > photo by John Miller

Fall Steelheading : the crisp cool dawn,gave way to the mornings
warming sun,the colors where spectacular the fish where co-operative,
at least for awhile,until the leaves & raising waters shut us down :(
Spent some time on the water with John Miller & got to watch him work
magic on the fish,as well as with the camera ! I've always found it
quite intresting to watch an artist at work "The Camera's Eye"
Mid-way steelhead calling try your luck with me,Chromers singing
the same old melody,a thousand 10 cent wonders,who could ask for more ?
A pocket full of silver,the key to heavans door,Steelhead Streams,
willos in the breeze,Steelhead Streams,so many memories.

One for the Net > photo by John Miller

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