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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alaska's Bristol Bay Rianbows & Char 2010 Fishing the Egg Drop

Kurt with a Beautiful 32" Naknek Bow

You wanna catch Big Alaskan Rainbows,& more Char than you can keep track
of,well try a trip to Bristol Bay Alaska's naknek River Camp. 19 battle ready anglers,from PA,Virgina,New Jersey & Tennesse made the journey,for SAO's
annual journey to Naknek River Camp,in Bristol Bay,the 3rd week of August
2010. The Egg-drop,the annual Sockeye egg laying,was in full swing on the smaller trips we fished,upon are arrival & the Naknek River egg-drp,started in
a BIG way,towards the end of our stay. A good # of Big Alaskan Rainbows,24'' to 32",fell victim to our egg immitaions,the last 3 days in camp.

Egg Drop Naknek River Bow

Naknek River "Some-where Over the Rainbow,
Your not in Kansas any more !

Some of the Northern Virgina Gang @ Brooks Falls

Brooks River & Margot Creek,provided us with pleanty of Rainbow & Char action,as we fished behind the Red Spawning Sockeye,on the egg-drop . Just look for the Grey,behind the Red,to find the feeding Bows & Char,on the smaller tribs.This is sight fishing & the fish can be pickey at times.

Bald Eagle on Margot

Kurt with a good Char

James with a nice Brooks River Rainbow

Alex,Char & Papa Bear ?

Mark with Char

Frosty Jack & Brooks Bow

Jack & Bob on Margot.another Char

Byron with a Margot Char

Irving with a Margot Char

Senic Veiw : Margot Char & myself

SAO's Jason with one of The Naknek BIG Bows

One of my last fish of our trip,out the front door
of Naknek River Camp

Kurt & Big Bow 32" of Bristol Bay Rainbow

James with a nice Brooks Rainbow

Miles & James our guides @ Brooks

James with Jack & Dolly

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