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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring Gobbler Season 2014,in Penns Woods

Well Pennlylvania's Sprig Turkey season ,is half over . . . .and now the Toms,will have another for,eveing hunters. I have yet to experience the evining hunts,having been on injured-reserve,the past 2 seasons,and I am looking forward to it. So far this season has gone pretty,wel,with a few of my friends,and myself,scoring in the early season.
83 years Youg,Clete,with his York County bird . . . . Well Done Clete !
"Stevie Long Spurs' son of Clete,got this bird,the begining,od yhe 2nd,week,in Central PA . . . I have been out dailey,as usuall,and have been seeing and hearing birds,on a dailey baisis,it seems the toms might be starting to roam a bit,as more hens are,continue laying,and not hangin',with the guys all day,seeing lots of sings,doubles,not the groups of,5 to 7,that i was seeing in the first week. Trhe recent rains,and colder temps,seem to have set the birds,back a bit,tut that will change shortly.
Eric with his first bird of the year,killed with his Home Made Box Call,in central PA,opening week. Eric nailed Turkey # 2,the 2nd week . . . .
Haim,scored this bird,the 2nd day,it was a classic hunt,Gobbling on the roost,watching the fly-down,Struting Toms,Yelping Hens,Turkey Porn,veiwing mateing birds . . . . and then the KILL,inever saw this all on 1 hunt,in over 30 years of hunting these majistic birds & it was AWESOME,although,it only took 20 minuets,from fly down to the harvest,most likely,my best spring hunt ever.
over the shoulder,to drag him out.
In closing,I wish you all luck,and Hunt Safley ! Hope to see you in the feild . . .wack em' & stack em'
There are still some Toms,out there . . . and they will Tell You,when they are ready to harvest !

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