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Monday, August 3, 2009

Alaskan Adventure.....Coming Soon ! ! !

My Bugger Beast,ready for action

Our Alaskan Adventure is soon to begain.......on August 20th,off to Alaska to fish the Bristol Bay Area,with a group of freinds.I've been fillin my boxes, as time permits,and I'm running out of time & space.
We will have the opertunity to catch,Silver & Sockeye Salmon,along with Alaskan Bows,Dolly Varden,Grayling,and maybe even some left over Chum & king Salmon.
This will be my trip of least as far as fishing goes.........I'll be back
with details & pics in a few short weeks !

A Box of Articulating Flies 4" to 5",Sculpins,String Leeches,
String-O-Flesh & Dolly Llammas

Doll_Eyed Dolly Llamma's > 4" of Articulatin Fly

Doll-Eyed Dolly Llamma,a closer look

Popsciles & Roesciles (bottom) Hareballs & Clousers (top)

Flesh & Eggs(bottom) Ice Buggers (top)

Some Sparse Sockey Flies

My Bead Kit for Alaska "Beads-N-Floats

JoelB "The Feather Collector"

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