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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Big Fish ! Memories

Joe's NY Brown

Big Fish......Something we all seek. On my fishing adventures,I'm usally not
the one that catches "the BIG fish",but I've been the camera's eye a more
than a few times,or as they say I took the picture of the big fish.
My fishing adventures have taken me,from my home waters of Central PA,
All of the Great Lake States,& Ontario,to the White River in Arkansas,but
the Great Lakes fishery is simply "Big Water = Big Fish".
These photo memories,our my best of trip pics,or my Camera's big fish,of my
fishing compadres,most aren't State or Province records,but "Big Fish"none
the less............Hopfully my upcoming Alaskan Adventure,will include a
few more "Big Fish" memories.

Steve's Ohio Pig

Tim's Elk Creek Hog

The Guitar Man,Elk Creek Steel

Ontario King,Greg with an AM workout on the Garden

Michigan King ala Roe

Ontario King ala Roe

Mark Balley PA Steelhead

My Dad's Biggest Steelhead

Ohio Steelhesd ala Roe

Merlin,my Dad with a French River 'Eye'

Big NY Brownie head Shot,ala Eck

Winter-time Spring Creek Rainbow ala Roe

The Fin & Feather Collector > Joel ala Roe

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